Chicago-based alternative punk rock band The Magnifiers was founded by the Dombrowski siblings: Elliott, lead guitar (18), Eden, vocals and guitar (16), Eliza, bass (13), and Everett, drums (11).


“Don’t dare mistake this band for a gimmick.” says Jason Hillenburg of Skope Magazine. Inspired by bands like Operation Ivy, The Aquabats!, Rancid, and Weezer, The Magnifiers write catchy songs with creative words, comical wit and snarky angst that’ll make you sing along, laugh, rock out, and feel empowered, all at the same time.


Craig Bowles of says “They are fantastically entertaining, capable of inspired humor, and yet the gleeful exuberance of youth vividly comes through as well. This is a band tested by performance, bonded by familial chemistry, and fueled by imagination.”


Though only one of them is old enough to vote, The Magnifiers produce a true classic punk sound with a modern twist, an exciting live show as well as musicianship to back it up! They not only prove talent way beyond their years, but capture youthfulness in its truest form.


Their first EP, Report Card, was released in April of 2014. In Chicago, the band has played Reggie’s Rock Club, Mojoe’s, Penny Road Pub, as well as multiple music festivals including Wicker Park Fest, Windy City Rib Fest, Evolution Music Festival and others. They starred in an episode of The Aquabats Super Show as well as in a Target commercial (which features Everett, Eliza and The Magnifier’s drum kit).


For the People EP was released in March 2018 and is available now! Check it out!

guitar, backup vocals, job

vocals, guitar, charm

bass, backup vocals, Mjolnir


drums, count downs

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