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"The band certainly deserves recognition for the astonishing fact they produce such memorable work despite not a single member of the four being over seventeen years old as well as being a group of siblings, but they deserve even more notice for the sharply dispatched musicianship and intelligent songwriting delivered by each of the EP’s four songs."

- David Beals . Indie Music Review

"For the People is a resounding winner."

- Stephen Bailey . Band Blurb

There’s an innate chemistry that’s undeniable from the first and the songs get over without ever relying on pandering or shortcuts. There’s a surprising amount of wit in this music, going far beyond their years, and it infuses the songwriting with great verve and a lot of intelligence.

- Lydia Hillenburg . Vents Magazine

Their ability to seamlessly shift gears without ever betraying inconsistency in both sound and approach is a hallmark of a great band and The Magnifiers show such talent in a variety of areas that it’s impossible to imagine future releases won’t further improve on this impressive EP release.

- Joshua Stryde . Valhalla Music Blog

This is a band tested by performance, bonded by familial chemistry, and fueled by imagination.

- Craig Bowles . Gashouse Radio

Punk rock needs a shot in the arm and, surprisingly, a four piece from the Chicagoland area might be the answer.

- Raymond Burris . Indie Music Reviews

"it's funny as hell, too."

- Jon Worley . Aiding & Abetting

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